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3 Points That Support The Gamification Of Digital Marketing

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Tracking Metrics and Progress For Your Business

Tracking Metrics and Progress For Your Business

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The Flywheel Model

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12 Reasons You Shouldn't Invest in Social Media Marketing

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If you're reading this blog, the power of blogging is being fully demonstrated. But if that's not enough, I'll give you three reasons. Buckle up, this post is going to be informative!

1. SEO

As I've already written about in a previous post "How To Get Found On Google," blogging is an SEO juggernaut. You can utilize its power to get your business found for many different keywords and search terms.

Your website can only talk about so much before it becomes to wordy or unclear of its purpose. Blogging helps you extend the conversations in a way that Google and other search engines love.

If people find your through a Google search on a topic they need to know more about, they're going to stick around and read it, which means you'll have a higher time-on-page.

2. Expertise

If you blog about a certain topics and blog about them often, you'll begin to show your expertise on the subject to your readers and the world. Also, the more you talk and write about a subject the more you learn, so you'll become more of an expert as you go a long!

If you're consistent with your content and back up your writing with facts, there's no doubt you'll become known as an expert in the field.

3. Speak To More People

Everyone is different. Some people love to write, some love to watch videos, some like to listen to podcasts, and some love to read. Blogging helps you reach the people that would rather read vs. watching or listening. It's just another medium that you can put your brand on, and that's always a win!

It's totally appropriate to use blogs as a transcription for your video or audio content. You could also use it as an extension of your Video or Audio in order to get more people involved across all your channels!

Wrapping it up

I say it often, but there are still not enough business owners taking advantage of blogging. Between the benefits I've listed above and the many others I have listed, you can't afford to not try it out for yourself!