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3 Points That Support The Gamification Of Digital Marketing

3 Points That Support The Gamification Of Digital Marketing

Gamification is exploding onto the scene in many different industries, and we at WunderTRE think it can benefit business owners when it comes to...

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Tracking Metrics and Progress For Your Business

Tracking Metrics and Progress For Your Business

Every action a business takes has a metric to it, some are positive, others are negative. Where most businesses fail is when it comes to tracking...

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The Untold Story of Shipping Products

The Untold Story of Shipping Products

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Selling Your Products or Services Online: Expectations vs. Reality

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The Flywheel Model

HubSpot CEO, Brian Halligan at #Inbound2018 broke down how the sales funnel model that our entire industry has been using is hurting us in the long run. There are cracks in the funnel that leak value...

12 Reasons You Shouldn't Invest in Social Media Marketing

We get asked a lot if social media marketing is worth it. We believe it is 100% but, if you find yourself in one of the categories below, it's time to change things up. You are just doing it because...

When it comes to business marketing, your logo is essential. Your logo is the often the first representation of your company that people see and the impression that it makes can hurt or help you. So what does your logo do and how can that impact your business?

Defines Your Business

What your logo looks like will depend on what kind of business you are running and what you want to say about your business. If you take a look at some of the more famous logos out there and the industries that they belong to, there are certain similarities in between different industries and the types of logos that they use. Your logo lets people know who you are what and what your business does. It can be important to get an outside perspective to collaborate with so you make sure you are saying the right things.

Intrigues New Clients

Have you ever seen a logo and instantly wanted to know what it represented? That is what your logo should do for your business. While you don’t want to end up tacky, exciting designs and colors tend to attract people. The logo you select for your packaging, website, social media pages and storefront should be designed in a way that draws clients and triggers their curiosity. Once they are curious, you can draw them in with your products.

Sets You Apart

You want your customers to remember you and not accidentally end up with your competitor, so having a unique logo that you use regularly is incredibly important. While you don’t want to oversaturate, placing your logo on merchandise and other materials helps set you and your products apart from others.

Increases Marketing Efforts

As people come to identify you with your logo, you can start using your logo to market your products. When you place your logo on uniforms, gifts, or donations, people begin to associate your company with these actions. This can be a great way to create awareness about your products and services, and it can help identify what causes are important to your company.

Identifies You

Your brand will make or break you, and your logo is the face of that brand. Using your logo on all your marketing strategies, packaging, social media, and the website is a brilliant way of advertising your brand. You will be able to reach clients who visit your store, those at home, and the ones online anytime. Once you tie your brand message with your logo, everything your company does will be associated with the logo and brand.

It's important to get the right logo and to place it correctly so you can maximize its effect. Don’t settle for something boring and normal. Create something that is truly unique and sells your business in the best way possible.