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Understanding the three definitions in this blog post will help you gain some clarity on how to better market yourself and your products. In this case we will use the Apple Watch as a case study.

First Definition: Product


It is widely known that a product is a physical or digital goods or a service that is offered by a company and purchased by the customer. The Apple Watch is a sleek smart watch that integrates with your other Apple devices to make your life a little more streamlined.

Second Definition: Brand


The layer on top of your product that helps people see your product differently from others is called the brand. It is the visual labeling of the product, the text or graphics used on the product itself that sets you apart from the same products. The Apple brand is unavoidable theses days in more ways than one. Yes the Apple brand is everyone due to their huge marketing budget but the brand is also unavoidable because it was intentional with it's execution of white space in our chaotic marketplace. This white space is not just a random design choice but rather it is a core feature of all Apple products from their packaging all they way up to how we use them. Apple believes that their products will give you white space in your life by designing the interaction with the products in a way that helps it's users remove the clutter of poorly designed products from their life. This move on Apple's part is an intentional way they have distinguished themselves from their competition.

Last Definition: Branding


 The final layer on top of your product and brand is a deceptively deep. You can go too far but often times people don't go far enough down this rabbit hole to have any lasting effect of how they execute on their branding strategy. Branding is the feeling/memory associated with the product and/or brand. It either makes a good product great or a good product bad. Branding is the human element of a brand and product. Apple has been intentional with their branding from day one with a heavy push for looking different and feeling different than their competitors. They put in overtime when it comes to branding. The feeling you get when you see the Apple logo says it all. They have taken the concept of white space and applied it to their branding efforts as well. People who use Apple products tend to live simpler lives and care less about messing with the small things. Zen is a great way to describe the branding of Apple.

I hope my dive into these three descriptions has given you something to think about when it comes to your marketing efforts. It is my goal to have given you more value that what you were expecting to get. If something struck a cord with you or you have opinions on this matter I would love to hear about them in the comments!

Think forward,
Matthew Hart
C.O.O. WunderTRE