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As a small business owner, you hear how important branding is all the time. And that makes sense because your brand represents your business directly to your market. In essence, you are your brand in the eyes of your consumers. The fact that branding is crucial to growing your business is a given. That said, weighing the pros and cons of having your branding done for you (DFY branding) and doing your own branding (DIY branding) may not be so obvious at first. So let's talk about that.

Why Would You Want DFY Branding

When hiring a freelancer or agency to do your branding for you, we'll call that DFY branding. That's when you hire someone else to design a logo, business card, a website, and more in a way that will aptly convey your business in a way that your consumers will not only understand but relate to. While DFY branding may not be for some businesses, it is beneficial for most. Here's why:

You Are Not Your Consumers

As a business owner, it's hard to see your business as anything but a business owner. And that's a good thing! That said, it can usually be more harmful than helpful when it comes to branding. While you see your business in a particular (albeit necessary) way, your consumers won't see it the same way.

DFY branding services can be more objective as they are experts in seeing things from a consumer point of view. This is invaluable in creating an image that your potential clients will desire and relate to. Just remember: a good brand does not belong to the business owner. It belongs to the consumers.

Your Competition Hath No Mercy

Your branding can make or break your business when a potential client is comparing your product or services with those of your competitors. When it comes to DIY vs. DFY branding, this is something that many small business owners don't even think about!

Think about how a polished website with a slick logo would look next to a roughly laid out website with a logo you don't understand or you don't relate to. You can't afford to represent the second example! Helping consumers relate to your business identity and vision is what DFY branding experts do best!

Backtracking Can Be Costly

Would you rather go with one brand identity now only to have to change everything later on? Of course you would want everything done right the first time. Having everything done right the first time is not only easier and less stressful for you as a business owner; it's also tons cheaper! You'll either spend more time trying to rebrand yourself or you'll have to seek out a DFY branding service to fix everything for you. Either way, you're out of more money than you'd like when you consider the considerable investment you had to make in the beginning.

When Would DFY Branding Not Be Right For You?

DFY branding isn't right for everyone. Sometimes, DIY branding is sometimes a better option. Other times it may be best to wait. This might be because...

You Currently Can't Afford DFY Branding

Most businesses can't afford  not  to purchase DFY branding services. However, if you don't have even a few hundred dollars to spare for your marketing, you may not have an option other than undertaking a DIY branding project or waiting for that cash influx to be able to invest in DFY branding.

You Have The Necessary Experience And Tools For DIY Branding

If you are an experienced marketer yourself--particularly for other businesses--then chances are you have a good handle on what the consumer wants and needs to see in your branding. Also, building your own logo, website, and more can be a great proof-of-concept showing that you know how to hold your own in the marketing realm. In this case, DIY branding would likely be the better option.

The Direction Or Vision Of Your Business Is Up In The Air

Whether your business is brand new or well-established, you may be considering a niche or two that you'll move your business more fully into. It can be quite difficult to convey your company's image when it's more fluid than solid. In this case, it may be best to first figure out the identity of your own business. Because if you don't know exactly what business you're in, how can anyone else?


In the case of most businesses, enlisting the help of DFY branding services is by far the best choice. If DFY is right for you, the folks here at WunderTRE offer first-class branding services to growing businesses such as yours. Whether you need a killer logo, business cards that won't be forgotten, or a website that you and your customers will love, we've got you covered! Just give us the word and we'll get in touch with you soon!


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