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4 minute read | Cutting Costs

Do-It-Yourself vs. Done-For-You: Online Marketing

Adam Walton

Written by Adam Walton

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If you are a [good] business owner or are even an employee of a business, you are involved in your company’s marketing. Period. Everything that has to do with how your company is perceived is all rolled up into the big package that is marketing. Marketing encompasses customer service, advertising, social media management, web design, and even your personal life as a business owner. Everything that is done with a business has to do with its marketing in some way, whether direct or indirect.

So when you are looking for someone to handle the marketing of your business, you understand that they cannot handle every aspect of the business. So what is it that “marketing people” do? Typically, they handle social media management, advertising, branding, and can even deal with product design sometimes. Occasionally, marketing specialists can have even more on their plate depending on their industry and available manpower.

When running a business, marketing isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a way of business life. So how should you accomplish “marketing” with your business? Should you do-it-yourself (DIY online marketing)? Or should you hire someone to have it done-for-you (DFY online marketing)? Let’s look at some important points to consider before taking the plunge.


When marketing online, however you do that, it’s going to take you time. Whether through social media influence, online advertising, or email campaigns, it will take you a ton of time. Think about it: do you think you can garner more success from trying to post on your Facebook page’s timeline once or twice, or from calling someone to try to make a sale?

Think about this: currently, with the increasing use of social media and online searches, you can’t afford to leave these marketing avenues on the table. Yet you can’t be in two places at once. With your efforts sorely needed elsewhere--whether that’s with your family and friends, your business, or your other job (if you have one), it would be far more worth it to outsource the work to someone who has a process down pat. This way, you spend less time (and therefore less money) than you would with DIY online marketing.

Learning Curve

If you are serious about bringing about results for your business through online marketing, then you need to make sure it’s done right. However, learning all that is required to be an effective DIY online marketing specialist is a daunting task. In fact, 30% say that keeping up with technology advances is a major concern for small business owners. (Source: Blue Corona)

If you think DIY online marketing is simple, then look at this stat: Less than 30% of small businesses use website analytics, call tracking, or coupon codes. Also, 18% of small businesses admit to not tracking anything. (Source: Blue Corona) If these sort of phrases intimidate you, then why bother with it? Someone else has taken the time to become an expert and are offering their services for DFY online marketing. Why would you consider anything else?

Online Marketing Will Affect Your Company Image

Here’s an important question to answer: is DIY online marketing worth the risk? While it’s easy to write this question off, don’t! Please! If there is any slip up in online marketing, it can severely affect your company’s image and credibility--let alone your online marketing efforts. If you serve an outdated ad on Facebook or Instagram, people may even laugh at your company’s ineptitude for online marketing. This may seem inconsequential if your company deals in auto mechanic services, but I assure you: it’s not. This is only one of many kinds of mistakes that can be made in online marketing.

So I’ll pose the question once more: is DIY online marketing worth the risk?


Some people are cut out to be able to do their own online marketing for their business. Even some of those people, however, can’t afford to spend the time and resources needed for effective online marketing. If you have any questions as far as what WunderTRE can do for your business’s online marketing efforts, feel free to drop us a line or fill out our form. Once you do, we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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