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2 minute read | Business Development

How To Handle Online Leads

Ryker Taylor

Written by Ryker Taylor

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We all know the value of online lead generation. A user surfs through the online waters looking for solutions to what keeps him awake at night or searching for ways to satisfy his goals and desires. The user lands on your website, a site that happens to contain a blog post that answers a pain point or desire. The user reads your post—all of it—and moves the cursor to check your product page. Finally, the user decides to subscribe to your newsletter or sends an email through the contact form on your site. How do you nurture this lead? How do you turn the lead into a customer? First, you must master some lead management skills. Here are five tips for success:

1. Win Your Leads with VIP Treatment.

It’s unfortunate that most companies treat their online leads with contempt, disrespecting the very people that will buy their products. “Who cares?” most not-so-serious entrepreneurs think. “This lead is thousands of miles away, she’s behind a screen, and she will probably never meet us in person.” This may be true, but she can make or break your business. Treat her badly, and she won’t visit your site again. In fact, she will tell her peers about her experience with your company. If you’re serious about selling your products, you have got to start nurturing your leads. Give them VIP-level treatment.

2. Exhibit Respect in Your Communications.

Part of giving your leads VIP-level treatment includes mutual respect in your communications. The best way to show respect is to be conscious of the language you speak. For example, when an online lead asks you a question that you can’t answer, say “I’m sorry. I’m not the right person to answer this question. Could I please refer you to our marketing department?” Never just say, “I don’t know.” The first answer exhibits respect, love, and caring. The second simply shows that you don’t care.

3. Include Your Signature in Your Email.

It demonstrates that you’re a smart communicator. Your leads will not only like it, they’ll revere it. That signature reveals your professionalism and your openness, making your leads want to do business with you. It also shows your credibility. When you sign your name at the end of an email blast that you sent out to your 10,000 subscribers, they’ll respect you. Why? Because they know that you care about them. What should your email signature include? A basic email signature should include the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your company address
  • Your website

Do it right, and it will serve as a mini marketing tool for you.

4. Follow Up to Build Strong Relationships.

A while ago, a prospect emailed us… After commending our online marketing services, he asked for the rates of our website package. We instantly emailed him a detailed price list of our website package. Then we waited for his response.

  • One day later, no reply.
  • A week later, no reply.
  • Ten days later, no reply.

But we know the drill; so we followed up from time to time. Finally, after about 15 months of patience, following up, and waiting, the prospect bought our web design service. We couldn’t have closed that sale if we had not followed up.

5. Don’t Keep Them Waiting.

Professional marketers and business leaders don’t just swiftly respond to their leads’ emails. They quickly respond to everything their prospects throw at them, including blog comments. Why? Because they know that every customer was once a lead. Take Neil Patel, for example. A multi-millionaire with multiple successful companies under his belt, the online marketing consultant takes his time to respond promptly to his blog comments. Online leads love to interact with businesses that value them, and they will avoid businesses that ignore them. “I generated seven leads from one of my guest post articles,” Neil says in one of his articles on QuickSprout. “[In fact], one of the leads resulted in $25,000 in revenue.”


Your success as a digital marketer or entrepreneur largely depends on how well you manage your online leads. The best way to handle or nurture them is to treat them like the special human beings they are. Respect them, show them that you truly care about them, and, above all, don’t keep them waiting. Once you exhibit these gestures to your leads, you will have opened up a platform for them to get to know you more, like you, trust you, and even buy from you.