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3 Points That Support The Gamification Of Digital Marketing

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The Flywheel Model

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12 Reasons You Shouldn't Invest in Social Media Marketing

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Using a logo in a proper way to build a strong brand is what most people hope to accomplish. With a little help from us in this blog you will be able to use your logo in a strategic way that helps support your branding efforts. 

Get a Brand Guideline
Having a guide in place helps you use your logo in a consistent way across multiple mediums and used by anyone. This is a crazy benefit that so many teams don't capitalized on especially young or startup companies. You can't truly build a great brand without consistency of execution. The look and feel of your company starts with your logo and if you have a brand guideline in place then you will start to build a branding engine that will carry your company in to the future.

View WunderTRE's Brand Guidelines

Use It
It's fun and exciting to get your team on the same page with a brand guideline but if you don't use it fully then you will miss out on most of the benefits. Put a system in place for executing on the guidelines on a daily basis.

Review It
When you are in the middle of doing business it's easy to drift away from your the new values you built into the brand guidelines. Sometimes you spend the whole day on just putting out fires and you can't put your brand down the pipeline. It's great to have a weekly evaluation with your team on how your brand gained traction or lost steam. 

Placement is Key
Where you place your logo sets the tone for your brand. Front and center or lower right? In your face or subtle? Big or small? You have the opportunity to set a precedent for people to see you in the light you design.

Less and More
Over use your brand and branding but don't overuse your logo. What I mean by this is you should give your shoppers and customers the best experience possible when they bump up into your products and services. Think about what they are feeling at every step they take in viewing to buying to using your products and services. Yes your logo should be visible and well placed but your branding should be felt in a consistent and strong way throughout every touch point of your company. From their first impression of you to years down the road of customer support and engagement.

Support Your Content with Your Logo
Use your logo in a way that makes your content the hero of your marketing endeavors. Placing it before your content places the company first and the content second. If you place the logo at the end of the content then people will read or watch first and at the end they will correlate the branding they just experiences with your brand.

When to Lead with Your Logo
You should lead with your logo when you have already set a solid branding strategy in motion for long enough to see brand evangelists pop up on marketing channels you don't control. This means that your brand has reached a level of maturity that allows you to leverage back on the logo more because it has become the figurehead of your branding. At this level your logo has grown in value and now speaks for you. Use it to your advantage.

Learn More
If you would like to learn more about using logos feel free to schedule a meeting with out team! We would love to talk to you about your business and how we can help you grow in the right direction!

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