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2 minute read | Business Development, WunderTREk, Marketing Flywheel

How WunderTRE's "WunderTRE(k)" Leveling System Utilizes The Marketing Flywheel

Ryker Taylor

Written by Ryker Taylor

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How WunderTRE's "WunderTRE(k)" Leveling System Utilizes The Marketing Flywheel

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The Flywheel Model

HubSpot CEO, Brian Halligan at #Inbound2018 broke down how the sales funnel model that our entire industry has been using is hurting us in the long run. There are cracks in the funnel that leak value...

You've heard of the sales funnel, right? We're sure that as a business owner at some point you have! In case you haven't heard of it... The sales funnel essentially a system to bring customers through the door using different "phases." While these phases are a little different for everyone, the basic core is the same for most: Attract, Engage, Convert, Repeat.

As great as this model has been in the past, it's become dated, and its flaws have become apparent, as a result, a new model has emerged in its wake, the "Flywheel."

The Flywheel ties the good parts of the funnel, with a more "human-like" and modern approach. Unlike a funnel, it's not just input-output, there is a need for continued momentum, and the phases feed into each other seamlessly.

We at WunderTRE have pivoted away from the "Funnel" method and have instead embraced the "Flywheel" method. We've also begun to "bake-in" the flywheel to everything we do for our clients, including our new Leveling System, WunderTRE(k). We use three phases in our flywheel: Attract, Engage, and Delight. In this post, I'll be talking about how the flywheel works with WunderTRE(k).

P.S. We've put together a downloadable template so you can create a flywheel for your business too! You can download it here: My Company Flywheel Model Template

"The Rule-Book"

Every good game needs rules to follow, and since we built WunderTRE(k) around gamification principles, that means we needed a rule-book for it!

At WunderTRE, the first thing we do when we begin working with new clients is a process we call the "Discovery Phase." Among the many things that come from this, one of them is the rule-book. The rule-book consists of our findings from the discovery phase, a list of all actions you can take on WunderTRE(k), and a personalized marketing flywheel that we've put together specifically for you and your business.

By analyzing your business and target audience closely during the discovery phase, we can determine the right actions that fit into each phase of the flywheel for you. This allows us and you to know what actions should be tracked and focused on the most.

By building the flywheel model into the rule-book, this allows us to shape the whole WunderTRE(k) experience around it right from the start. This is the primary way the WunderTRE(k) leveling system utilizes the Marketing Flywheel model.

The Process

At WunderTRE we believe in having strong communication with our clients. This is no different with our WunderTRE(k) system. On top of getting notified each time your business levels up, you'll also be told if we think there are issues with your businesses flywheel in any way. Maybe the actions that were initially set-up need to be tweaked to become more effective, or we feel like the flywheel is not being utilized either way correctly, we'll be notifying you.

This process of consistent evaluation is proven to be effective. It will help make sure that when you work with WunderTRE and are on our WunderTRE(k) Leveling System, you'll always be getting the most from the flywheel.

In short, WunderTRE has made the Marketing Flywheel a top priority when building the WunderTRE(k) system, so as a result everything that's done within it honors the principle of the flywheel.