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If you’ve been following some of our recent posts, you might have picked up on something called “branding” or “brand image,” and you might have assumed it refers to a logo created in PhotoShop and glued or embroidered to everything your company produces.  Actually, there’s quite a bit more to it.

Let us introduce you to Brand Image 2.0!

Consider that branding is not physical.  Consider that it’s emotional.  Consider that it’s mental.  Consider that it’s the experience people have USING your product, or the experience they have even as they are INTRODUCED to it.  Have you ever opened the packaging of an iPhone for the VERY. FIRST. TIME?  There you go.

As you begin to create your brand, you’ll want to get to know it first.  What is your brand’s personality?  Let’s even see your brand as a member of the family.  What?  Because social media is all about relationship, this sort of makes sense.

Consider what you’re serving (product), who you’re serving (customer), and how you serve it (delivery system).  You are serving a product to a customer through a delivery system.  
(1) What is this product?
(2) Who wants it?  Who needs it?
(3) Which delivery system(s) will you employ in the process?
(4) How will your brand accomplish this process?  In fact, how can your brand accomplish it BETTER?  For example, you could pattern your brand after what Amazon does, or you could do it better.  

Three Elements in Making and Maintaining a Great Brand Image

There are three elements to making and maintaining a great brand image.  They involve designing the INTRODUCTION of your brand, crafting the experience of USING your products or services, and maintaining an ONGOING experience after the sale.

When someone visits your website for the first time, or hears about you for the first time, what is their experience in this process?  Does it make them smile?  Do they want to click through?  Are they thinking that they might need what you have to offer?  This INTRODUCTION to your brand is an experience that you want to design.  This is an intentional moment.

Next, as your customers USE your products and services, how can you aid in their experience?  What goes into making this use a good experience?

After the sale, the real work comes with maintaining these systems and experiences.  The ONGOING experience will build upon the efforts you’ve already made.  What do you do after the sale?  How do you maintain this relationship?  How do you encourage the momentum?

It’s around these three experiences that you should focus intentional effort in order to maintain a great brand image.  You must have good quality feedback from your customers in all three experiences.  With feedback, you tailor the process, you refine the product, you tweak the delivery, all in order to better serve your customers.

Mindset for Change

The last thing to consider is the mindset for change.  This is active in two ways simultaneously.

1. Always be willing to change.  Your customers will tell you that they want different things.  It may be obvious, or it may be subtle.  If you’re not in a mindset for change, you will never grow into the business they want you to be.

2. Always be hungry for change.  When people are hungry, they find food.  Always be in a rhythm to be hungry for growth.  What can I do to make it better today?  The generation behind you will innovate faster than you if you let off the gas.  Perhaps they will end up not necessarily giving a better product but serving the clients better, which will pull business away from you even if you have a better product.

Look for change in yourself.  Look for change in the industry.  Feedback is invaluable to get your customers talking.  How do they perceive what is going on and how it is changing?

In summary, a great brand image should be present with your product’s first introduction, apparent in the use of the product, and continuing with ongoing relationship.  This process is always changing and you want to be riding the wave of change.  Are you ready?