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Need to Improve Your Business Reputation? Take a Look at These Tools

The WunderTRE Team

Written by The WunderTRE Team

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Getting an online business noticed among millions of others is a big challenge. Business owners have to work round the clock to ensure that their stores get the traffic they need to make a profit. What keeps a business afloat other than good management and good advertisement is a good reputation. Your reputation is dependent on your customers. When they are happy or unhappy with your products and services, they will leave reviews online. Reviews are highly influential in the decision-making process of future customers. To make sure your business stands out in the crowd, you need tools that will help you reach out to customers and track reviews. The following list of tools will help you to do just that!

Q and As on Twitter

One of the best places to engage your customers is on social media. Run a Q and A on Twitter to have a chance to hear your customers’ concerns. Encourage them to post questions related to your product or service on a particular day and answer them. The questions asked will give you a chance to explain how your product or service would be useful in solving their problem. Q and As on Twitter are also a good way of generating content topics.

Social Buttons

Social buttons are powerful tools that are often underestimated. To ensure that people who come across your content share them, create micro-content that can easily be shared across diverse platforms. Unless they are looking for something in particular, few people read through blog posts (especially when browsing on phone apps). Instead of long posts, create shot videos and pictures. These can go viral in a matter of minutes. They can be watched and shared in seconds. Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, or Vine to share out videos and images.


Womply was founded in 2011 by Toby Scammel and has since become a favorite reputation management tool for over 100,000 businesses. It helps you keep track of all info relevant to your product online. Instead of running around on Google searching for your competitor's posts, reviews on yelp and keeping up with all social media sites, Womply gathers all relevant info and allows you to monitor it all on one page.


Customers trust each other. Once one uses a product and praises it in the hearing of a prospective buyer, the prospect gets the confidence to get on with the purchase. Yotpo, which was founded in 2011 by Tomer Tagrin, helps businesses get reviews from buyers via email. This results in many genuine reviews being generated. The reviews generated are posted automatically to either your Twitter or Facebook account. This saves you time and effort and generates high traffic.


The only way to convince your clients to buy what you are selling is by showing them that you are an authority in your business. Posting relevant content frequently will help you achieve this. Share interesting stories, relevant news, personal experiences, interviews, or reviews. To make your posts more helpful, post articles on a variety of topics relating to your business and on products that complement what you are selling (even if you do not sell it). Not only will blogging boost the SEO of your website, it will make you become an authority on many topics and other matters relating to your product.

Whether your reputation is in good standing or not, you should utilize these tools to stay on top of reputation management. If you do, you can more easily address the concerns of your customers and make smart advertising decisions.