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3 Points That Support The Gamification Of Digital Marketing

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Tracking Metrics and Progress For Your Business

Tracking Metrics and Progress For Your Business

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The Untold Story of Shipping Products

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The Flywheel Model

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12 Reasons You Shouldn't Invest in Social Media Marketing

We get asked a lot if social media marketing is worth it. We believe it is 100% but, if you find yourself in one of the categories below, it's time to change things up. You are just doing it because...

 Honestly, the next big thing in branding is already happening. In case you need a refresher on what "Branding" is, check out our video bellow. If you already know what branding is feel free to skip the video.

A fundamental shift for consumers has happened recently in our culture. They have always placed a high value on the products or services they buy but now the big thing that is happening is that consumers almost put more expectations on the support of the products or services they buy  over the actual product or service itself. Consumers or businesses that are looking for solutions need more comprehensive answers than ever before, and that is due to the increase in the complexity of the problems they are facing. If you want to remain competitive in your market not only do you need to give them a great product or service you must also give them a pain-free support system where they feel welcomed and wanted. A place where their feedback is not just listened to but used to make changes. The value of your company is slowly moving away from what you offer and is shifting to what you solve. You will win at business if your product is excellent and your support is out of this world.

How do I start becoming a support-centric company?

I'm glad you asked. The first step is to question everything. Asking powerful questions to yourself and your team about the current support system you have in place will show you a great many insights that you can then act upon. First, let's start with the interrogation process. Ask yourself and your team questions like these two:

Why are we trying to change our support system? (Once you have this question answered it will help direct all the other answers.)

Who is our customer? (Try to use as much data to answer this one. Sometimes who you want to serve is not who you are helping.)

As you can imagine, answering questions like this will take some time. You must process them with your team. After you have taken care of answering the questions, put together a team to tackle these changes. Let them fly but keep in touch with them along the way to make sure they keep the customer's needs in mind at all times.

Download all the questions in this free resource!