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Every action a business takes has a metric to it, some are positive, others are negative. Where most businesses fail is when it comes to tracking these metrics. If you can't tell what actions are working for or against you, your setting yourself up for failure!

In this post, I'll break down a few services you can use to track metrics, and all talk about how we at WunderTRE are making it even easier for our clients to progress.

Quick Overview

I want to point out the fact that most every action a business takes can be tracked by some means or another. I believe that there are metrics that don't matter and some that are uber critical to a business. For instance, I think tracking how many likes different posts on social media get is pointless, in contrast, tracking how each post impacts peoples sentiment toward your brand is big.

Some metrics are easier to track and can be automated, other more business specific metrics may need to be tracked more manually.

What Can Be Used To Track Metrics

As I stated above, some metrics can be tracked through software making it easy for business owners to log in and see what things look like. Many software’s have their own metrics tracking system allowing you to login to their dashboard and view them. So with that noted, I'll list out two software’s that act as a metrics "hub" of sorts.

Google Analytics

Probably the most well known and most used metric tracker is Google Analytics. When Google Analytics first started, it was used only to track the performance of your website and was limited even in that capacity. Now though, Google Analytics is very robust. It can be used to track the many things on your website such as: Sessions, Unique Users, Referrers, Time On Page, and more! You can set-up a tracking code that is tied with a Google Ad and you can track conversions on your website due to ad campaigns.

Google Analytics can also now integrate with many third-party services like Intercom so you can track metrics from those services right in your Google Analytics dashboard!


If you find yourself logging into many different software's dashboards in order to track metrics, and you are having a hard time keeping it all straight and seeing how it goes together, you need Databox. Databox is a service that allows business to track their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in one simple dashboard. For instance, if you want to see how your Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and website are performing together. You can create a dashboard (called a Datawall) that is synced with the Facebook Ads, Googles Ads, and Google Analytics you want to track. This will allow you to see trends and patterns of how the three services perform both on their own, and together.

Databox integrates with a multitude of third-parts apps like Mailchimp, Instagram, Stripe, Shopify, Paypal, HubSpot, and more! At the time I'm writing this, they have over 60 integrations so chances are the software you use is one of them!

WunderTRE is a "Certified Databox Agency Partner" which is just fancy talk for "we know how to make the software do what we need it to, and we can set it up and manage it for our clients." If Databox sounds like something your business needs, drop us a line and we can talk with you about getting it set-up!

Progressing Your Business

Tracking metrics is very important for your business because it allows you to know what to keep doing. At WunderTRE we believe that another important thing is giving your business a system to progress through. By taking real world actions and tying them to a leveling system, we helping our clients understand the digital marketing journey and letting them focus on metrics that matter. Our system paints a clear picture of where your business is, and what the next step is.

WunderTRE can help get your business set-up for digital success through our website design and development service, social media marketing, blogging, email marketing, and Google & Facebook ad campaigns. We use these services, paired with metrics tracking and our proprietary leveling system to design, track, and progress your business' digital marketing!