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Website vs. Facebook Page: Do You Need Both?

Ryker Taylor

Written by Ryker Taylor

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If you’re an online business owner, you can’t grow without these two prominent marketing tools: a Facebook Page and a website.

About 50 million businesses use Facebook Pages. It makes sense for a small online business to have a presence in the Facebook world, an empire with more than 2.3 billion active monthly users, according to Zephoria.

A website is also a great marketing channel, because your SEO, PPC, and blogging can’t be done independently. These have to be conducted in the framework of your site.

We often hear business owners say, "We have a Facebook page we don't need a website." Both of these marketing tools are important for your business; however, the question is why do I need a website instead of just a Facebook page?

The answer is content control. And here’s what we mean:

The Constantly Changing Facebook

Zuckerberg and his team constantly tweak, update, and change the look, the features, and even the vision of Facebook.

The changes range from dynamic language optimization to member profiles to Snooze and even to a face-lift in the company vision. What was “to make the world more open and connected” is now “to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”

If you put all of your marketing strategies in Facebook’s basket, you’ll be at a loss, as these changes might jeopardize the results of your marketing goals.

To be on the safe side, focus more on the marketing tool that won’t change without notifying you first. Invest your energy in a marketing tool that you own. Invest your time and resources in your website—the marketing tool that gives you total control.

Websites are Reliable

Unlike Facebook, you’re not dealing with a third-party marketing tool that can change at will, without notifying you. With a website, you are free to run your marketing without any interference.

Because you own your website, only you can decide what to do with it. That’s why you can rely heavily on it to run your online marketing campaign. Your website is also a great avenue for you to build your business because you have:

1. Total control over your content.

There’s no better place to publish the content that matches your brand than your website. Unlike a Facebook Page, where you can only post content with the goal to attract prospects to land on your site, your website is already your storefront. On it, you can post content—long form and short form, visual and in-depth—and share free resources, such as ebooks and courses, with your visitors.

2. Total control over your design preference.

So you want to change your site’s color to make it match your brand, product, or company culture? Above all, you want to appeal more to your ideal customers. Well, with your website you can do that simply, or you can hire a professional web design company to do it for you. Can you do the same on your Facebook Page? No, you can’t. Zuckerberg loves blue. Deal with it.

3. Total control over how you make money.

Though it helps with brand exposure and lead generation, your Facebook Page is not a money-making platform. Your website is. You want to make money with your website? You have a variety of options:

  • You can sell your products or services on your product page.
  • You can sell affiliate-marketing products on your landing page.
  • You can sell ad space and sponsorship on your site’s pages.

You have total control over how you make money on your website.

Isn’t that one of the biggest reasons to focus on it?


In closing

Both a Facebook Page and a Website play vital roles in your business's online presence. It shouldn't be a battle between the two but rather, a co-op strategy that makes them work together! Stop focusing on one-or-the-other and start focusing on them working in tandem.